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It's not cancer

It was interesting to see that Antimicrobial Stewardship made it to the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (hat-tip to Krispin Hajkowicz - twitter -  for letting me know it was actually on the front page), although I'm equally interested in the fact that it occurred through the lens 
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On Impossibility:

An Open Letter - from the anonymous SMO to the Premier  of Queensland and the Minister for Health   These words are not mine - but the opinions in them are common to many of us.   Date: 7 March 2014 10:48:17 PM AEST To: Cc:   Subject: Nothing 
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Thinky: On the Ethics of a "Nanny State"

It's fair to say that my politics are not those of The IPA, but I do quite enjoy reading Chris Berg - he's rather amusing on twitter and he's written some cracking articles on videogame violence, the expansion of national security because terrrorism and internet censorship. As you might expect from 
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Twitter is making me sad today

In case you've been living under a rock, recently, the Government has been holding an inquiry into Intelligence and Security legislation reform.  You can follow the discussion on twitter here. (warning - the tag is where the opposition to the proposal is centred). The goverment is running the sham line 
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The Great Breastscreen Unhinging

So, it seems that Breastscreen Queensland is on its way out as part of the Queensland LNP's hospital reform agenda. Twitter was not impressed. I posted a couple of messages into the #breastscreen tag and got an interesting discussion and a small flurry of people telling me stuff I already 
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