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Professor Timestamp and the doctor

Before starting here, read this excellent article about NBN "analysis" from Renai LeMai over at Delimiter. I'd had a bit of a row about this article with sortius (twitter) yesterday.  The article itself was an almost meaningless bit of fluff - someone from a pensioner's association is pro-NBN because it 
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Telehealth Gloves are Off Again

Hat tip to Geordie Guy for alerting me to Nick Ross' latest foray into Telehealth.  I hadn't heard it myself, of course, because Nick has blocked me on Twitter following my last rant.  In the fallout from said rant, I also contributed to a discussion on Whirlpool about Nick's massive 
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Nick Ross does it again

See my previous posts on this subject here, here and here. First, my standard disclaimer:  I am in favour of the NBN and rather despair that Malcolm Turnbull - who really should know better continues to promote what he must know to be an inferior policy for either party-political or purely budgetary 
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Telemedicine Redux

There's another article over at ABC Tech about the NBN.  Hats off to Nick Ross for another huge and heavily-referenced article on the NBN. Despite reading my previous posts at least well enough to disagree with them, he's continued to make the same claims again - which aren't referenced at 
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Telemedicine (part the second)

So Nick Ross from ABC Tech  disagrees with my opinion in the last post.  No problems, I'm happy to stand by my position.  My "continue to spout crap" reference comes from the fact that Nick has posted a number of times about the potential health benefits of the NBN.  See 
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Let's Talk about Telemedicine

So... I may have lost it a bit on twitter yesterday. Lots of potential excuses... our son isn't sleeping well, staying up too late, ongoing uncertainty about job security. But here is the main one: xkcd: Duty Calls - CC-BY-NC 2.5 - Original Link   Brief disclaimer first.   I'll happily 
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