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Follicular Flood Furphies

Brisbane is flooded again, although thankfully not as badly as in 2011.  It is always worth a shout-out to the awesome work our emergency services to - particularly the volunteers in the State Emergency Service who get out and about to help out while the disasters are ongoing and without 
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Superbug series on The Conversation

Here's the article I recently had published at The Conversation It's part of their series on "superbugs and antibiotics" - here is the link for the full series.  The articles are all worth a read. Frank Bowden on handwashing and hospital-acquired infections Jon Iredell on the origin of "superbugs" 
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The Vaccine Wars

Given the flurry of media activity, I'm sure you're all well aware that vaccination a hot topic at the moment. It started with a booklet (pdf) released by the Australian Academy of Science addressing some of the myths surrounding vaccination. It's not my intention to engage in a debate about 
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Antibiotic Awareness Week

You may have seen me bleating on twitter about Antibiotic Awareness Week. It's not just an Australian thing - see the info page from NPS Medicinewise here - but it's a campaign also run by CDC and groups in Europe. Why is it so important (other than because I'm an 
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