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Antibiotic Resistance on ANZAC Day

There's not much that will stop me from banging on about antimicrobial resistance.  Preventing it is my job - and my passion - I'm lucky enough to have landed a job doing something that really fits with what I like doing. NPS Medicinewise (formerly the National Prescribing Service) do a 
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Nick Ross does it again

See my previous posts on this subject here, here and here. First, my standard disclaimer:  I am in favour of the NBN and rather despair that Malcolm Turnbull - who really should know better continues to promote what he must know to be an inferior policy for either party-political or purely budgetary 
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Follicular Flood Furphies

Brisbane is flooded again, although thankfully not as badly as in 2011.  It is always worth a shout-out to the awesome work our emergency services to - particularly the volunteers in the State Emergency Service who get out and about to help out while the disasters are ongoing and without 
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Superbug series on The Conversation

Here's the article I recently had published at The Conversation It's part of their series on "superbugs and antibiotics" - here is the link for the full series.  The articles are all worth a read. Frank Bowden on handwashing and hospital-acquired infections Jon Iredell on the origin of "superbugs" 
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The Vaccine Wars

Given the flurry of media activity, I'm sure you're all well aware that vaccination a hot topic at the moment. It started with a booklet (pdf) released by the Australian Academy of Science addressing some of the myths surrounding vaccination. It's not my intention to engage in a debate about 
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Antibiotic Awareness Week

You may have seen me bleating on twitter about Antibiotic Awareness Week. It's not just an Australian thing - see the info page from NPS Medicinewise here - but it's a campaign also run by CDC and groups in Europe. Why is it so important (other than because I'm an 
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Telemedicine Redux

There's another article over at ABC Tech about the NBN.  Hats off to Nick Ross for another huge and heavily-referenced article on the NBN. Despite reading my previous posts at least well enough to disagree with them, he's continued to make the same claims again - which aren't referenced at 
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Telemedicine (part the second)

So Nick Ross from ABC Tech  disagrees with my opinion in the last post.  No problems, I'm happy to stand by my position.  My "continue to spout crap" reference comes from the fact that Nick has posted a number of times about the potential health benefits of the NBN.  See 
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