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The blue steel image that is the common page header around the site is a stock image from Fotosearch; I purchased a licence for this and use it as my letterhead and business cards.


 You should read the privacy policy (and probably most of the rest)  of Stilgherrian's web page. 

It says :

This is the Internet. You have no privacy. You gave up your privacy the day you connected your computer to the grid. What I’ll do with your private information is the least of your worries

This is all true.

My website (like most others) collects your IP address, the time and date of your visit, the browser you are using and (if you came here from another site) the page that referred you.  It collects these into a logfile which I basically never ever look at. If you are trolling me or abusing the page, I may well check it out and use the info to ban you.

I also use Google Analytics on the page. This will give much more information (including basic demographics etc) based on your Google profile (if logged in) or tracking cookies / browser fingerprinting from Google (if not). 

Protecting your privacy

You should consider installing some tools to help protect your privacy online.  I use EFF's Privacy BadgeruBlock Origin and Private Internet Access as my VPN.  Many of these will bugger up my stats collection, but I'm a big boy and would rather you were using them than not.

Remember, if you're Australian that your ISP-provided email and your mobile phone communications data is subject to the Government's mandatory data retention scheme, and you should consider using an over-the-top service (but that Google and the like are subject to American data monitoring laws).  You can read more about data retention at the Future Wise website.