Healthcare is a complex system, and infection management exemplifies this. Spanning clinical medicine, human behaviour, industrial process control and scores of other areas, infection management needs a big-picture view and understanding of how these systems interact - and where things can go wrong.

I have more than 15 years experience in the Australian healthcare system, and have worked in public and private hospitals, regional public health units, in Commonwealth statutory agencies and on advisory panels for state and national clinical and public health bodies.

I have managed the full-circle of disease management - from population health surveillance, health protection, infection control and clinical management. I have been involved with, and led the management of multiple outbreaks - including 2009 Swine flu, measles, dengue fever, and the Queensland response to Ebola virus in 2014, in addition to multiple heathcare-associated outbreaks. I was the clinical consultant for the 2021 Queensland Health review of the Hotel Grand Chancellor quarantine review.

In addition to clinical and population infection management, I have been responsible for expanding clinical services in our hospital, including the introduction of antimicrobial stewardship services and a 24/7 infectious diseases on-call roster. This has included service planning, business case writing and approval and the implementation of new clinical services. 

As well as infection prevention and control, I have worked in one of the first hospitals in Queensland to introduce an electronic medical record, and have been the primary author of multiple submissions on digital health (focusing on privacy and security) for Future Wise - a non-Government policy and advocacy organisation. 

I offer consulting services in the areas of infection prevention and control, outbreak management, clinical reviews of infection management, and also in digital health (including implementation and risk assessment as well as the non-technical aspects of data security).

I am happy to lead, or act as a senior clinical advisor in:

  • root-cause analysis
  • clinical look-backs
  • pre- (or post-) implementation reviews
  • health services evaluations
  • clinical service planning
  • hospital development and design (focusing on the infection control aspects)

I can also prepare or review business plans, service expansion proposals or business cases, or act as a clinical facilitator for service planning.

You can view more details about my professional experience on my bio page, or my LinkedIn profile.

Please contact me - if you would like more details about my services.

Image: Close-up of a pen on a black notebook - by Thomas Martinsen - via Unsplash - Licence