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HIV, Stigma and teh Jernlisms (again)

This Sunday is World AIDS Day.  The theme for our local campaign is "Zero". Zero new infections. Zero AIDS-related deaths. Zero discrimination. The Queensland Government HIV strategy aligns nicely with these messages. The four priority areas are: Implement a comprehensive prevention campaign. Promote increased uptake of testing. Ensure 90% 
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My Week on RealScientists

ICYMI, I was tweeting for RealScientists last week. Welcome blog post is here: Farewell post is here: And the storified tweets of the week are here (part 1) and here (part 2).   RS is a great idea - if you're a scientist (or clinician) I think it's 
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Law of Unintended Consequences

You've probably all heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences.  It even has a page on Wikipedia. In short, it says that things that you do may have results that you did not intend.  Of course these can be unexpected windfalls as well as other, more unfortunate side-effects.  There is 
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Thinky: On the Ethics of a "Nanny State"

It's fair to say that my politics are not those of The IPA, but I do quite enjoy reading Chris Berg - he's rather amusing on twitter and he's written some cracking articles on videogame violence, the expansion of national security because terrrorism and internet censorship. As you might expect from 
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Professor Timestamp and the doctor

Before starting here, read this excellent article about NBN "analysis" from Renai LeMai over at Delimiter. I'd had a bit of a row about this article with sortius (twitter) yesterday.  The article itself was an almost meaningless bit of fluff - someone from a pensioner's association is pro-NBN because it 
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Antibiotic Resistance on ANZAC Day

There's not much that will stop me from banging on about antimicrobial resistance.  Preventing it is my job - and my passion - I'm lucky enough to have landed a job doing something that really fits with what I like doing. NPS Medicinewise (formerly the National Prescribing Service) do a 
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Telehealth Gloves are Off Again

Hat tip to Geordie Guy for alerting me to Nick Ross' latest foray into Telehealth.  I hadn't heard it myself, of course, because Nick has blocked me on Twitter following my last rant.  In the fallout from said rant, I also contributed to a discussion on Whirlpool about Nick's massive 
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