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For Change's Sake

I periodically get asked if I'm aware of the evidence surrounding routinely changing intravenous catheters (aka cannulae aka "drips") vs leaving them in until they need changing because they start to get sore or red or otherwise stop working (known as changing them "when clinically indicated"). I find that it's usually 
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Truth to Power

Note:  This is an update to a draft blog post I've had sitting, unpublished for quite a while, which I began writing after the Digital Health Strategy was published back in August.  New stuff is at the bottom.   It's been a busy couple of weeks in the digital health 
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Good Data Workshop

I flew to Brisbane on Wednesday to attend the the "Pathways to Good Data" workshop at my old stomping ground, QUT. It was organised by the team of Angela Daly (twitter), Kate Devitt (Twitter) and Monique Mann (twitter), and the Future Wise team put in a strong attendance with both Kate and Justin being 
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Trent's Laws of Consultancy

The first piece of advice one of my bosses gave me when I became an advanced trainee in infectious diseases was "don't give any infection control advice without checking with the infection control nurses".  It's still good advice, and I pass it on to all my registrars now, more than 
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Finish the course?

You may have seen me complaining on this blog about science reporting and the misreporting of headlines before, as well as the unintended consequences of people running off their jaws. They're links, so I'll wait while you catch up. Thanks to Amy Coopes and Stu Annells for pinging me this article 
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The "Evils" of Socialised Medicine

You might have seen a story doing the rounds about a shortage of a couple of antibiotics - metronidazole and vancomycin.  Stripped of some of the sensationalist language, it's actually not a bad coverage of an important issue.  Sorting this issue out at the level of our local hospital took 
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3rd Qld Antimicrobial Resistance Forum

  I spent yesterday in Brisbane at this year's Antimicrobial Resistance Forum.  As with last year, it was a joint project of the Queensland Statewide stewardship team, UQ IMB's Centre for Superbug Solutions and the Queensland Health Communicable Diseases Network. It's an excellent forum - one that I don't mind treking down to 
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Concern trolling 101

I've thus far avoided commenting beyond a small amount of twitter snark about the woes of Catalyst - once regarded as the ABC's flagship science program, but today I really feel like I have to join the chorus of condemnation. In October 2013, Catalyst broadcast a two-part episode, entitled "Heart 
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It's not cancer

It was interesting to see that Antimicrobial Stewardship made it to the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (hat-tip to Krispin Hajkowicz - twitter -  for letting me know it was actually on the front page), although I'm equally interested in the fact that it occurred through the lens 
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Bad blood?

As regular as clockwork, at this time of year, articles appear about the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and their desperate need for blood donations across the holiday period.  If you're eligible, please consider giving.   If you move in the circles I do, then shortly after this comes the 
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