Trent Yarwood is an infectious diseases physician, based in Cairns, Australia.  He completed medical training at the University of Queensland in 2002 and physician training in hospitals in south-east Queensland, before moving to Cairns in 2011.  After completing infectious diseases training at the end of 2011, Trent worked at Tropical Public Health Services (Cairns) as a public health registrar until 2016, and at Cairns Sexual Health, where he continues as a visiting specialist.

Working with other infectious diseases and pharmacy staff, Trent established Cairns Hospital's antimicrobial stewardship service, and was appointed its clinical lead between 2013-18.  In 2018, Trent was appointed as Director of the Queensland Statewide Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

In 2020, Trent was appointed as one of the inaugural co-chairs of the Queensland Statewide Infection Clinical Network

For six months in 2017, Trent worked for the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare as a medical advisor to the Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Australia (AURA) program.

In addition to antimicrobial stewardship, Trent's clinical interests are HIV medicine, infection control and public health aspects of communicable diseases as well as clinical risk management, especially as it relates to the diagnosis and prevention of infection. He is clinical chair of the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service's infection control committee. 

Trent is an HIV clinician, with particular focus on the management of medical comorbidities in HIV positive patients and the perinatal management of HIV, and is involved in the research program at Cairns Sexual Health.  Trent was a member of the board of ASHM between 2014-17.

Academic Appointments

Trent is a clinical Senior Lecturer with the rural clinical school of the University of Queensland and with the College of Medicine and Dentistry of James Cook University. You can view his Google Scholar profile with list of publications here, or his ORCID profile here.

Other Roles

Trent is a member of the leadership team, and the primary health policy advisor for Future Wise Australia, an independent, non-partisan non-Government organisation which focuses on health, technology, education and their roles in modern society.


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My work is split between the QSAMSP and clinical work at Cairns Hospital.  The infectious diseases team in Cairns is primarily consultative, although we have recently started direct admissions of patients with complex infections. Patients may be admitted under the general medical team of the day prior to infectious diseases review. If you have any clinical concerns, please call the infectious diseases registrar during business hours on (07) 4226-9951, or ring switch (4226 0000) and ask to speak to one of the infectious diseases physicians.

Cairns Hospital has an infectious diseases after-hours roster for clinicians to discuss complex cases with an infectious diseases specialist. 

I see HIV/sexual health outpatients at Cairns Sexual Health.  You can self-refer by calling the clinic, but referrals from your general practitioner are encouraged, particularly for complex patients.  My clinics are Monday afternoons; you may be offered an appointment with the infectious diseases advanced trainee who also attends.

I am no longer credentialed to admit patients to Cairns Private Hospital. Professor John McBride generally covers infection at CPH.  I do not have a private general infection outpatients, and am not currently seeing patients via telehealth.

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