This is the third incarnation of my blog; the first was via; the second was self-hosted using Wordpress and this one uses Leafpub.

I started it in 2011, after some friends suggested that my long-form twitter rants might be more suited to a blog; it's not updated anywhere near as often as I'd like, but hopefully will be moreso because Leafpub is so much easier to use.

About Me

I am an infectious diseases physician working in Far North Queensland, and Director of the Queensland Statewide Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

I also practice as an HIV clinician and have, been a member of the Board of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health (ASHM).  I’m passionate about infection prevention and control and am somewhat of a data nerd – I spend quite a bit of time crunching our hospital’s infection control data myself; because I can, because I like it (and also because we don’t have a dedicated data professional, but that’s probably least important of the three).

I have academic appointments as a clinical Senior Lecturer with the James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry and with the Rural Clinical School of the University of Queensland.I have sometimes written for The Conversation because I think Creative-Commons academic engagement is a great idea (and also because it annoys Geordie).

A more professionally focused bio can be found here.

I joined Electronic Frontiers Australia in 2010 to help make a stand over the ALP’s proposed internet filter and have maintained a strong interest in digital rights issues ever since, I was a member of the Pirate Party Australia and involved in early discussions about the development of the Australian Progressive Party but am no longer a member of either.

Currently, I am most involved with Future Wise.  We are a group committed to improving the future of Australia and are self-funded and not affiliated with anybody at all. My areas of interest with Future Wise are health policy – Australian and global, Open Access to scientific data as well as government information and the spread of Open* ideas more generally, and technology, especially as it applies to healthcare. 

Click here for info about how to contact me.

Technical Stuff

This blog is hosted on my own server - it runs Ubuntu Linux and serves via nginx.

The blog uses the Range theme in Leafpub - an open-source, lightweight blogging platform created by Cory LaViska and now maintained by Mark Apfelbaum. It uses php; if you'd prefer a Javascript based engine, Postleaf is Cory's new project and is very similar to Leafpub but with JS under the bonnet.

I've put privacy and the like on its own page here.